Old Shodai Chawan, white glaze type, Shodai kiln [tc10934]

Old Shodai Chawan, white glaze type, Shodai kiln [tc10934]

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Shodai kiln was opened by potter who moved from Buzen Agano with Hosokawa Tadaoki who changed country in 1600.
This kiln baked the Matcha pottery while being protected by Hosokawa Tadaoki until 1632.

It has covered on the rough clay with the greenish brown glaze.
After that, farther it has soaked in the white glaze.
The place where white glaze has dripped boldly during firing is becoming the beautiful accent.

Item Description

Size Diameter 4.69”, Height 3.15”
Age The First of Edo period (circa 1600-1632)
Condition No flaw.
Accessory New ordered box.
Note There is one natural crack of length 0.71 inch. Some pinholes and naked places please regard as the evidence that were made in the old time.