The 20th anniversary SECRET SALE
Japanese Antiques ZIDAIYA administers in order to have you enjoy Japanese antiques lightheartedly. sells Old Imari porcelain from Blue Old Kutani style and Blue Kakiemon style of the first of Edo period to Old Imari style and Blue Nabeshima style of the latter Edo period. And sells Kutani porcelain from Red Kutani style of the Meiji period having many lovers by name of "JAPAN KUTANI" abroad to work of modern ceramist represented by the 3rd Yasokichi Tokuda and Minoru Yoshida of Living National Treasure. And sells Kyoto ceramics from Old Kiyomizu pottery of the final Edo period to work of modern ceramist represented by Zengoro Eiraku, Rokube Kiyomizu and Chikusen Miura. Moreover sells work of modern artists for Japanese Tea Ceremony, the ceramics of Japanese Old Six kilns (Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Echizen, Tanba, Bizen) and ceramics which came from Goryeo Dynasty on old days. Please enjoy Old Imari porcelain, Kutani porcelain, Kyoto ceramics of wonderful pattern and beautiful Tea Ceremony Items with